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´I heard the helicopter, and thought ´yes, they are looking for me´- it gave me hope. Its incredible how they did it, I don´t know how they did it…but without them I would´ve died.

KL - German tourist lost for 6 days in canyon despite extensive ground search.

´With such a high level of standards, planning and expertise shown by the Helicopter Crew, it taught me very quickly that not just anyone can do this type of work´.

Anon –  Families Legal representative

´When your life is turned upside down and you find you need help outside what was offered because you're loved one (son) is missing, Its comforting and reassuring to some degree to know that you have a caring and considerate helicopter search team with the best and most experience and expertise doing their upmost in the search and rescue effects of your son. Even though our son's body was not recovered, we are at peace knowing where he is located and resting peacefully. To this my son's family thank the helicopter rescue team for all their efforts in searching and locating his body. Without them we would of be lost on where and how to start´.

TE - Australia

“I traveled to Guatemala from Canada suddenly in April 2018 due to the disappearance of my 19 year old nephew in the ocean off the coast. Black Wolf Helicopters and their partners from HeliSOS were retained to aid in the search and using intelligence based analysis, Black Wolf prepared a search plan for the optimal search day. So many factors that are unapparent to the average person are considered, including history of prevailing winds and tides, salinity and temperature of coastal waters, underwater topography, lighting conditions during proposed search time and so much more. My nephew was located, unfortunately deceased, precisely in the defined search area. I found all at Black Wolf to be professional, compassionate and very competent. I readily recommend them for Search and Rescue planning and operations on land or sea. Maximize your chances of success, do not rely on luck”

DW - Police Sergeant, Canada