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HEMS Helicopter Essentials - Aircrew Survival Manual

This is an aircrew survival manual that is totally different and like no other.
Written by the 2019 Helicopter Association International 'Salute to Excellence' Safety award winner, Chief Aircrewman Chris Sharpe, It is a collection of knowledge, experience and notes gained over his 30 year career.

It is aimed specifically at the helicopter aviation industry, those crewmembers that are Non-Pilots and involved in Aeromedical or Rescue operations, irrespective of their role, and give them the underpinning survival knowledge that with practice will allow you to operate safer as a crew and improve or develop your own unit protocols, systems and procedures.

This is an aircrew survival manual that encompasses daily routine daily life, equipment choices as well as the worst-case scenario traditional survival skills. and a wealth of information for the reader to take onboard and ‘set up for success'


A range of theatre specific aircrew survival manuals.

Looking at environment, gear, specific survival skills and emergency checklists

Aircrew Jungle Essentials

  • The Jungle Environment 

  • Dress to Egress

  • Jungle Specific Equipment

  • Aircraft Survival Kits

  • Checklists – A systematic approach

  • Putting it altogether

  • Emergency Checklists (Complete) 

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